Sentiment Analysis in


The best solution for implementing AI/ML using no-code tools,, and peltarion. In this article, you will feel the power no-code tools provide.

Best Solution For Increasing File Storage in storage capacity

Best Solution For Increasing Storage Capacity in Is your app storage intensive and storing many files? Is bubble charging you too much for extra storage? The best solution for increasing the file storage capacity in bubble is here! It’s the one and only Wasabi Cloud storage. What is wasabi? Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is […]

Display your mobile app in android sharesheet the easiest way.

How to display your mobile app in your android sheet Found a cool post or a story that you want to share on your app from an external site? No need to worry this blog will help you to display your app in android sharesheet We will begin with first understanding some basic […]

How to integrate Firebase with

Integrate firebase with

How to integrate Firebase Realtime Database with Bubble Having Trouble connecting your application with firebase? With a few simple steps, we can easily create our own API connection to integrate Firebase Realtime Database with the application. Lets Get Going But first, we will discuss why you would ever need to use Firebase instead […]

What is a PWA and how to convert your bubble app into one?

Bubble to PWA

What is a PWA and how to convert your bubble app into one? Ever wondered what a PWA is and how you could wrap your bubble application into one? Look no further because this post will explain everything to you. What is a PWA? PWA stands for progressive web applications. Progressive web applications build websites […]

Connect AWS S3 bucket with your app easily

This article is all about how we can connect our Bubble app with an S3 bucket. It is an AWS cloud storage where we can save our data. S3 bucket revolves around simplicity you don’t have to be an expert to connect its services with your project if you are planning to use cloud storage it is the best thing to do as it lets you store data in a range of storage classes. You have to follow the following steps to connect the S3 bucket with your bubble application.

Best way to wrap web app in IOS app for FREE.

Turn your Website into an App for iOS               Need to avoid the hassle of having an App build from a scratch? This is your solution, no matter your website is code or no-code.​ What is Webview? Trying to find a solution that is both time-saving and efficient when […]