Hub CoWorking Mail App

Efficient mail management system for a co-working space

Tools & Technologies, Office RnD, Miro

What We Did

Research, Wireframing, Web App Development​, Integrations

About Hub CoWorking Mail App

Mail-Hub is an internal tool, which is used to maintain and keep track of mails received by Hub Co-working Hawai

The Mail Admin is able to request action (pick_up, forward, scan, shred) on pending mails. He can view all completed mails and the history of each mail i.e. arrival to receiving.

The Host is able to view collective mail requests made by all mail admins. He is able to add/edit new mail to a company/member from previous mails received or from scratch. He can take action on the mail. He can set specific people for mail pickup. He can view mail history of selected company/member, along with its action history. He also gets a reminder by the system to delete folder of the members/ companies who no longer want the service or their service period is ended.

The Owner  has all the rights of the host and he is also able to add/ edit companies/members to the mail service availing list. He has access to the System Setting (defining service charges and adding new hosts).


Business services, Real Estate

Product type

Management System, Dashboards, Integrations


Hawai, US


3 weeks


Web application

Working with the team at Chakor has been a joy. They took the time to understand what we needed and the problems we were trying to solve. They built a wireframe and did initial discovery on the needed API integration even before we had an agreement. Outsourcing is always scary, and can be more so when it is a team on the opposite side of the world but Chakor made it very easy. Everyone on the team we worked with was professional, patient and highly competent. It was actually like Christmas every morning to check on the progress that was made while I slept! I will continue to work with them on other projects and highly recommend Chakor.